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“Our personalized boxspring shows we constantly strive for a higher quality, comfort and no-nonsense concepts for our customers”, says Frans Segers, owner & director of Lavital. “We believe in an honest product, handcrafted bespoke beds and, above all, no mass-production.”

Enterprising is in our blood. For 20 years Lavital designs, innovates, pioneers and produces traditional, high-quality, long-lasting 100% natural mattresses, box springs and other sleeping products.

We understand that every person is unique.
We understand that only natural materials are virtually everlasting.
We are the leading producer of high-quality tailor-made 100% natural beds, characterized by a distinguishing fresh approach.

Lavital is the 1st sustainable, 100% natural, bedding brand in Holland. A Lavital is for instance made with organic cotton, organic wool and non-sprayed flax. In 2010 Lavital received, as first bedding brand worldwide, the Fairtrade certificate for cotton from the Max Havelaar foundation. The acknowledgement for the innovation of a fully sustainable and recyclable box spring bed came in 2011 with a placement in the MKB Innovation Top 100 2011. Since 2011 Lavital has implemented as 1st and only bedding brand in the world the Corporate Social Responsibility in the complet production chain NEN standaard ISO 26000.

The key to our success is the relaxed atmosphere and trust in one another. Frans Seger’s mission became a collective mission: continuously striving for higher quality, better comfort, new customer concepts and taking each customer more than 100% seriously.

You can see and feel for yourself how the handcrafted bespoke bed is manufactured, an experience unique in the Netherlands. You do not solely have to rely on our story, or to let yourself be guided by image… You can experience our passion, quality and craftsmanship in all our products.

Welcome, we hope to see you soon!